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 1. The “2019 Junefest Big Prize Raffle” is a project to support for the essential operations of St. Dominic School: teacher salaries and benefits, building maintenance, utilities. After the prize pool and any other expenses are paid out, 100% of the proceeds from the “Big Prize Raffle” support St. Dominic School.

2. Tickets go on sale on April 12, 2019. Tickets are available at the St. Dominic School and St. Anthony Church offices during regular office hours. Tickets are also available online at JunefestBigPrizeRaffle.org. Finally, tickets will be distributed to school and parish families. Each ticket and stub will be identified by a unique serial number, which will be provided to the purchaser. All ticket sales are final.

3. Two thousand (2,000) tickets will be sold at $50 apiece. The ticket sale window will close at the end of the business day at the St. Anthony parish office on Tuesday, June 18. Tickets will NOT be on sale on the day of the Junefest event (June 22).

4. Each ticket will be entered once into a random drawing, which will be supervised by Schreake & Associates, PC. Each individual serialized ticket may win one (1) prize from the drawing. (Tickets drawn for prizes will not be replaced in the drum after being drawn.) The drawings for winning tickets will take place during the evening of June 22 at the Junefest event at St. Dominic School.

5. Players must be 21 or older to purchase a ticket or win a prize. Prize winners are responsible for any taxes on their prizes, and in some cases must pay those taxes before a prize can be transferred to the recipient.

6. While partnership and group purchases of tickets are welcomed, ONE PURCHASER (the first listed on the ticket stub) will be considered the single ‘responsible party’ who will receive the prize and be responsible for remitting taxes on behalf of any co-purchasers who are listed on the ticket. That ‘responsible party’ is also solely responsible for distributing shares of any prizes to the co-purchasers.

7. Winners need not be present at Junefest to win. Prize recipients agree to hold harmless St. Anthony Church and St. Dominic School and its prize suppliers for any additional liabilities arising from the receipt and/or use of prizes. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited 90 days after the completion of the drawing and returned to the benefit pool for St. Dominic School.

8. First prize will be a gift certificate from the Travel House of Quincy valued at $20,000, which can be used for a premium family vacation package or for other travel packages and services. Second Prize is a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle from Martin Sullivan.

9. Third prize will be $5,000 in cash. Fourth prize will be $2,500 in cash. Fifth Prize will be $1,000 in cash. Sixth through tenth prize will be $500, given as a Gene Grawe gift certificate, which may be redeemed for goods and services at more than 100 local and on-line merchants. Eleventh through twentieth prize will be $250, given as a Gene Grawe gift certificate. Twenty-first through fiftieth prize will be $100, given as a Gene Grawe gift certificate. Cash rewards in lieu of Gene Grawe certificates will be offered to winners reporting an address beyond 50 miles from Quincy, IL.

10. Ticket Sales Incentives: Ticket sellers may indicate their name on each ticket they sell. PLEASE make sure that the SAME FAMILY NAME is used for each ticket sold. Ticket sales must be complete and reported to the parish office by the close of business on Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

     a. For five tickets sold, one (1) free meal ticket (entrée, side, and non-alcoholic beverage) or one (1) all-access wristband to Kiddie-Land will be provided.

     b. For 10 tickets sold, two (2) free meal tickets (entrée, side, and non-alcoholic beverage) or two (2) all-access wristbands to Kiddie-Land will be provided. Additionally, families selling 10 tickets will be entered into a separate drawing for a $500 tuition credit at St. Dominic School or Quincy Notre Dame High School.

     c. In addition to the above incentives, the top-selling family will receive $500 in cash OR a $500 tuition credit at St. Dominic School or Quincy Notre Dame High School.

11. In total, this prize and incentive pool is approximately $51,000, plus the total value of meal/wristband vouchers distributed.

12. In the event that the ticket sales do not surpass 1,200 tickets sold, the entire raffle will revert to a 50:50 event, where St. Dominic School will benefit from 50% of the total ticket sale revenues, minus expenses, and three prizes will be given, amounting to 25% (first place), 15% (second place), and 10% (third place) of the total ticket sales revenues, minus expenses.

    Example: Only 1,050 tickets sold at $50 apiece yields total revenue of $52,500.

                      Of this, St. Dominic School will receive (50%) proceeds of $26,250.

                      The remaining 50% of the revenue pool will be divided as follows:

                      First prize (25%) would be be: $13,125.

                      Second prize (15%) would be $7,875.

                      Third prize (10%) would be $5,250.

13. In the event errors or irregularities in the drawing, the drawing supervisor will provide remediation where possible. The drawing supervisor’s designation and certification of winning tickets for each particular prize is final. If a prize drawing is in dispute, in no case shall St. Dominic School or St. Anthony Parish be liable for more than $50, the original cost of the raffle ticket to the original purchaser.

14. These official rules are published on JunefestBigPrizeRaffle.org. For a list of winners, please send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to “Big Prize Raffle Winners – St. Dominic School – 4100 Columbus Road – Quincy, IL 62305”.

15. Employees of Schreake & Associates, PC, and the Executive Chair-People of the St. Dominic Junefest event, as well as their immediate family members are ineligible to win.